About Howard

Dear Residents of the Southern District,

Greetings! I am Howard Chao, and I am delighted to welcome you to the website of my public office.

It is a great honor for me to serve the residents of the Southern District. Having grown up in Pokfulam and lived here for over forty years, this district is not just my home but also a place I deeply cherish. My goal is to collaborate with all the residents to ensure that our district remains one of the most livable areas in Hong Kong.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Studies. Additionally, I am a SFC (Asset Managment) license holder, also a property management service provider licensed from the Property Management Service Authority. My ambition is to leverage my professional expertise to offer high-quality and professional community services to the residents of the Southern District. I also aim to use my knowledge to support and advise on community development.

My approach to community service is centered around addressing the needs of the people. From my past experiences, I have learned the importance of listening empathetically to residents and using my skills to find practical solutions. With your support, I believe we can propose more constructive suggestions and effectively tackle livelihood issues in our community.

Moreover, I intend to use my experience in council affairs, along with my political and business connections, to promote healthier development in the Southern District. I will act as a communication bridge, fostering a better platform for dialogue between the Southern District and the government.

I have been closely monitoring several issues that concern our residents, such as the delayed progress of the MTR South Island Line (West), the impact to resident by the the Cyberport Phase 5 expansion, improving the neighbourhood of the Chi Fu District, the impact of University of Hong Kong facilities affecting the neighborhood, as well as traffic and planning matters brought by the Wah Fu Estate redevelopment, and property management and hygiene issues, etc. I am committed to continuously following up on these matters for our district.

This website will be regularly updated with information on issues of concern and relevant policies. In addition to visiting the website, I invite you to follow my Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on the Southern District.

Together, i strongly believe that professionalism and give a boost enhancing our livelihood, let us work hand in hand to build and safeguard our beloved Southern District.


Howard Chao